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About Fiona de Lange

Fiona in Celtic Fionn, means blonde and that just works out nicely for me. Coincidental, being a beer sommelier, is that the cultural area, from which my name originates, is somewhat the cradle of beer. Beer is one of my greatest passions in life. Of course husband and both children are number one "by far", but beer is what my main concern is. I have been around the block a few times in the beer trade and beer science.

 Anyone who is into beer, from multinational to family business to scale-up brewery to brand new starter, I am here for you. In the field of products, services, brewing, portfolio management, microbiology, marketing and positioning, we together with partners are here to be of service to you. 'Everything beer' just sums it up correctly!

 Images of me are by Will Broome, a friend in my network who happens to work for Marc Jacobs and Wedgwood. Will made the designs together with Anthony Michael, a designer. It all starts with me, this everything beer story.

 I love pink, orange, yellow and glitter. My pink jacket is a symbol of optimism and perseverance. It isn't exactly valentines and roses in life, also I had my share of setbacks. This led to me being who I am. A energised beer professional with so much enthusiasm, there is plenty left for you, hop on!

 Just wake me up in the middle of the night for snowboarding, off-piste, down as fast as possible. One descent (took a day!) can still keep me awake at night, more precise descending the Mont Blanc, that was a one off. Bungee jumping is fun, really high, in New Zealand, because that gorge of 150 meters deep makes the crane in the Amsterdam harbor I jumped look like tiny Tim.

 One day I’ll ride my naked bike, an Italian Monstro. Drinking only non-alcoholic beer when driving, these beers are just really good these days. I tell you all about it. Well dear beerlovers, the rest is beer, beer and more beer. Scroll around, feel free contact us to learn, organize, buy beer, do a training, in need for troubleshooting, developing a new beer, establishing your brand and everything that is not in this text but is about beer.

 Warm regards and cheers!

Fiona de Lange
Everything beer

Fiona de Lange: 
Zythologe, internationaal Biersommelier, Certified Cicerone®, Siebel/Doemens Grade A+ Brewing Technology 

Everything beer is a platform for the professional brewer, beer lover, catering company, home brewer. Also companies / groups that want a unique beer experience

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